Brevini Power Transmission was established in 1960 by Renato, Luciano and Corrado Brevini. Today it is one of the world's top manufacturers of planetary gearboxes and power transmissions, thanks to its global presence in industrial applications (the iron and steel industry, mining, raw materials handling and logistics, and ship-building) and in innovative systems such as wind turbines, waste recycling plants, and energy production.

Planetary Gearbox
Stirrer - Mixer - Agitator - Reactor - ETP Plant - Needer - Others

In 1993 the company obtained ISO 9001 certification, which stands for quality assurance in design, development, production, installation and servicing. In order to achieve these result, Brevini makes use of advanced techniques. Sophisticated CAD/CAM systems have been combined with the over thirty years of experience of highly qualified engineers and technicians and with the know-how acquired through constant up-dating of the technologies used.

Each phase of production is characterized by continuous checks and tests carried out on the product: in-coming, in process and out-going. A particularly innovative system of self-control applied to the machines makes it possible to take corrective action automatically, and detectors linked to a network monitor the quality performance of the key processes.

The company is fully automated, and its ability to innovate and improve its production lines constantly is a basic prerequisite for the quality of its work.

But this quality-oriented culture reaches far beyond the limits of the factory, and permeates through out the whole corporate organization. This concept is materialized in the form of constant attention paid to out human resources, consisting of training activities and the involvement of the staff in the re-engineering of the production and organizational processes, with improvement groups, interfunction committees and a network-based organization of work.
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Other Application
» Construction Machinery
» Cement Industries
» Sugar Mill
» Earth Moving M/c
» Steel Plant
» Pulp & Paper mill
» Conveyor

Unbeatable Features
» Highest Operating Efficiency 98.5% per stage of Gearbox
» Power Saver up to 22%
» Near by negligible zero maintenance
» Low Weight & compact size

» According to requirement of GMP-UK US for pharma sector.
» Brevini planetary gear box computer selection and sizing program.
» Confirmation of bending, pitting and bearing life of gearbox.
» Provides energy conservation program.
» Customer response within 48 hours.
» Skilled and trained technical manpower with graduate mechnical engineers.
» All india service back up.
» Low noice & heat losses.

Case Study
  Worm Planetary
Motor Efficiency 0.85 0.85
Gear Box Efficiency 0.70 0.96
Coupling Efficiency 0.96 0.96
Over all 0.57 0.783
(Ew-Ep) = 22% Power Save =
15 x 746 watt x 0.2118
 = 2.37 kw/hour
» Power saving 2.37 x 24 = 56.88 KW/DAY
» Power saving 56.88 x 300 Days = 17.064 KW/Anum
» Assuming unit charge : Rs. 07. 00
» Yearly Total Savings = 17,064 x 7.0 = rs. 1,19,448/-

The Planetary Gearbox System

Load is shared with 3 pairs of gear tooth Spur tooth = Axial and Radial Load component Free body diagram force resolution Planet gears placed 120 degrees Apart Resultant forces at center cancel one another Uniform balanced loading system Free floating sun pinion.

Planetary Reduction Gearbox Technical Specifications
Gear Shaft Material is Alloy Steel SAE  8620H /DIN 20 MnCrMo4 Gear Profile Spur that are Hobbed, Heat Treated and finally Ground . Gear Grinding offers class 6-7 accuracy with finish of 0.8 to 1.6 microns Gear Casing Spheroid Grey Cast Iron of grade SG 400/12A where 400 N/mm2 is the tensile strength and 12% is Pecentage Elongation Splines in gearbox confirms to DIN 5480 / DIN 5482 Gearbox Design as per DIN 3990H / ISO–DP 6336 Lubrication recommended at 40 degrees is ISO EP 220 where EP is Extreme Pressure additive and 220 is viscosity in Cst. Permissible noise level 65 db at distance of 1 Meter Vibration level of gearbox  = 1.2 mm/sec. Gear Shaft Material is Alloy Steel SAE  8620H /DIN 20 MnCrMo4 Gear Profile Spur that are Hobbed, Heat Treated and finally Ground. Bearing Grease to be used is of Medium Pressure MP1- Grade Pinion number of teeth, module & width and addendum correction made to suit slew ring of Rothierde Germany / SKF France Pinion made from 17 CrNiMo6 Case Carburized teeth 1.5 – 2 mm depth and hardened to 58-60 HRC Pinion also offered from 42 CrMo4 grade alloy steel with hardness of  225 - 235 BHN Standard Neoprene Butyl Rubber seals used but can also be supplied with high temperature Viton seals to be used with synthetic lubricant All bearings used are of SKF/ FAG of type needle bearing, deep groove ball bearing,taper roller bearing & spherical roller bearing.

Generation of gearboxes

First Generation P1 = Open Gear Pairs
Second Generation P2 = Worm Gearboxes
Third Generation P3 = Helical Gearboxes
Fourth Generation P4 = Cycloidal / Planocentric
Fifth Generation P5 = Planetary Gearboxes
Planetary Configuration is the Latest in Gearbox Technology

Comparison of Gear Tooth Profiles as per DIN 868

Worm Gear 70 % Sliding Friction
Helical Gears 60 % Sliding Friction
Bevel Gears 40 % Sliding Friction
Planetary Spur Gears 30 % Sliding Friction
Sliding Friction » Rolling Friction
This explains power losses Is the Determinant of Gearbox Efficiency

Only external forces to be supported by the output support BECAUSE The internal forces of the planetary stage are equilirbrated. The output support is in charge of these external loads not affecting the planetary section  ADVANTAGES OF PLANETARY TECHNOLOGY The gearbox bearings are in charge of external and internal loads ADVANTAGES FOR THE CUSTOMER Very clear cut between analyses of the load and torque spectrum nHigh reduction ratio per stage BECAUSE  i=Zr/Zs + 1   ADVANTAGES OF PLANETARY TECHNOLOGY The ratio of a standard gear wheel combination i=Zr/Zs    ADVANTAGES FOR THE CUSTOMER Higher ratios achivevable per reduction.

Easy to modified as ratio composition, to add a planetary stage, to mount a failsafe rake etc.       BECAUSE OF    Modular system       ADVANTAGES OF PLANETARY TECHNOLOGY   The non modular system of the other types   of gearboxes make more rigid the overall configuration  ADVANTAGES FOR THE CUSTOMER More flexile product (also in term of motor mounting)

Planetary Versus Worm Gearbox

Power Saving / Energy Conservation by replacing Worm with Planetary

» Electric Motor Efficiency = 85%
» Overall Coupling Efficiency = 0.98 * 0.98 = 96%
» Worm Gearbox Efficiency = 50 – 70 % (max)
» Planetary Gearbox Efficiency = 96 – 98 % (max)
» Overall Drive System Efficiency using Worm Gearbox = 0.85 * 0.7 * 0.96 = 57.12 %
» Overall Drive System Efficiency using Planetary Gearbox = 0.85 * 0.98 * 0.96 = 79.96%
» Overall Efficiency Difference = 22. 84%

Case Study of Annual Power Saving / Energy Conservation by replacing Worm Gearbox with Planetary Gearbox Electric Motor = 20 HP/15 KW     85% Consumed Power = 12.75 KW Usage = 24 hours continuous for 300 working days in a year Cost of power per unit = Rs. 7.00 / KWH Annual Power Savings Saving Obtained by customer each year =12.75 KW*0.2284*24 hrs*300 days*7.00 Rs/KwH = Rs.1,46,770 Cost of Planetary Reduction Gearbox = Rs. 50,000 (Approx) Payback period to recover Capital Investment = 6 months (say) Replace all your Worm Gearbox units with Planetary gearboxes.
Conserve Energy Save Power Now !!

Planetary Versus Helical Gearbox

1/4 to 1/10 Reduced Weight and Reduced Volume Lower Mass Moment of Inertia of Rotating Parts Lower Starting and Stopping Torque  = Lower shock , Vibration and jerk Loads experienced Shorter Axis and internal gear force copensation = Higher Design Rigidty = Lower sensibility against shock loads Reduced expenses for mounting arrangements Maximum Reduction ratio in helical gearboxes i =630 compared  to planetary where standard i = 3,150  - 18,000 Helical gearbox noise from 85-95 db compared to 65 db at 1 mts Helical housing of Fabricated steel while SGI casing in Planetary.

Helix angle induces 3 load profile i.e Axial , Radial and Tangential that exerts transverse imbalanced load on central shaft axis requiring correction by Taper Roller Bearing Planetary Spur has 2 load profile i.e Axial & Radial which are placed 120 Degrees apart ensuring perfect alignment and load sharing where resultant forces cancell one another = uniform balanced loading system  Planetary spur gear makes lower length of arc of contact compared to helical gears = lower frictional & power losses = higher efficiences In planetary gearbox part of power transmitted is by coupling effect between input pinion and planet carrier this results in higher gearing efficiency as all the input power is not transmitted by gear meshing alone.

Options available at Input of Gearbox

Universal Input = Hollow Female Splined with input splines having A50* 45 DIN 548
Cylindrical Keyed Input Shaft of 28 – 100 mm to mount coupling or belt pulley or brake at the input
Input Adaptor Set to suit Electric Motor of IEC Frame Size IEC 63 upto IEC 280
Input Adaptor Set to suit Hydraulic Motor of any international reputed make
Input Bevel Stage with built in Steiber Back Stop Twin Input Shaft = Version BG

Options available at Output of Gearbox

Hollow Female Splined Output = FE Version
Cylindrical Keyed Shaft = MN1 Normal/MR1Reinforced
Male Splined Output Shaft = Version – MN/MR
Hollow Cylindrical Keyed Output Shaft = FP Version
Hollow Cylindrical Output with Shrink Disc = FS
Pinion to suit slew ring or bull gear
Driving Flange = Version RDF
Splitter Pump Drive = Version BZ with 2-5 Outputs

Typical Applications of Planetary Gearboxes - Industry
wise Classification
Chemical & Pharmaceutical
Agitators, Reactor Vessel, Mixers, Stirrers, Effluent Treatment Aerator, Thickner, Clarifier, Classifier Drives
Cement Machinery
Deep Pan Conveyor, Apron Feeder, Scrapper Conveyor, Dosimatic Feeder, Bucket Elevator, Air Sluice Gate, Reciprocating feeder, panmixer
Bulk Material Handling
Bucket Wheel, Slew Drive, Long Travel Drive, Stacker & Reclaimer Drive, Plough Feeder, Wagon Tippler, Side Arm Charger.
Food Processing
Flaker Roll Drive, Blender, Double Cone Mixer, Attrition Mill, Toaster Drive, Solvent Extraction
Steel Mills
Rolling Mills, Turn over cooing bed, continuous casting machine, Ladle tilting.
Gear Boxes

Electrical Motor

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